Bryant on Possible Deal – “13 mil is cool but Where is my security”

The Dallas Cowboys play the Washington Redskins

On Wednesday, there appeared to be no progress in the talks between receiver Dez Bryant and the Cowboys.

Bryant, who is seeking a long-term deal but is faced with the franchise tag of just one guaranteed year, took to Twitter to explain his side of the negotiations , Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News reports.

“Opinions and assumptions create a lot of noise…. Facts create silence.”

“Everybody voicing opinions..13 mil is cool but Where is my security? I’ll wait …5 years without complaining..So how am I selfish? #family1.”

Tony Romo’s Fantasy Event in Vegas Called Off After NFL Complains

roulette table in casino close-up

A fantasy football-themed event in Las Vegas headlined by Tony Romo was called off after the NFL reiterated a policy banning appearances associated with casinos, the Associated Press reports.

A league spokesman said Saturday the NFL “reminded the players association” of the policy with the National Fantasy Football Convention event scheduled for next month.

Romo, who recently joined Twitter, wrote that the league canceled the event. The Dallas quarterback said he was “sad for the fans and players.”

In a statement on the event’s website, organizers said the cancellation was “a direct result of sudden and unexpected opposition taken by the NFL concerning player participation and their perceived association with gambling for an event in Las Vegas.” They said they were rescheduling for next summer in Los Angeles.

Philadelphia running back DeMarco Murray, Romo’s former teammate, and Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant were among the stars expected to attend, with autograph sessions and other fantasy-related events planned.

Bryant was critical of the NFL on Twitter, writing “don’t understand whenever they make … money off of us.”

In a March news release announcing the event, organizers said it would be held at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. It was supposed to be July 10-12.

Cowboys Still Hoping to Get Dez Bryant to Ink a Long-Term Deal

<> on January 4, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.

By July 15, the Cowboys have to sign Dez Bryant to a long-term deal or the Pro Bowl receiver will have to play the season on the franchise tag tender worth $12.823 million.

While Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones has not talked recently with Bryant’s agents, Tom Condon of CAA and Kim Miale, Roc Nation, he remains hopeful something can be worked out but does not feel pressured to do a deal by the deadline, Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas reports.

“We know he will be a Cowboy this year,” Jones said after organized team activities (OTAs) on Wednesday. “If he ends up playing this year under the tag we will go right back to work again next year. Now would we like to get a long term deal on him? Of course we would. We’ll work hard to do that and I’m sure we’ll make a push at some point and see if we can make it work. If not, hopefully he will understand it’s difficult to make a deal at this point and he’ll come in and get ready to play.”

Bryant has not taken part in the voluntary offseason program but he has shown up to Valley Ranch on occasion, including last week when he went through individual drills in the first week of OTAs. Bryant is not required to show up at the mandatory June 16-18 minicamp unless he signs the tender.

NFL Draft 2015: Dallas Cowboys Team Needs

2015 NFL Scouting Combine

The Cowboys were an inch away from the NFC Title game last season, and while many still feel they were cheated by the officials in what should have been a good catch by Dez Bryant, that’s all in the past as the team gets set for the 2015 NFL Draft. Get the 2015 NFL Betting Lines here at

Let’s face it, even if the Cowboys would have beaten Green Bay, they would have had to have a great effort against the Seattle Seahawks. Sure they may have won that game as well, but no matter how far they would have gotten, this team has needs, and with losing running back DeMarco Murray to the rival Philadelphia Eagles.

As far as needs, there’s five that the Cowboys will need to focus on for the 2015 NFL Draft, which will take place April 30th to May 2nd, and this year will take place in Chicago.

The team could use the following – cornerback, running back, defensive tackle, offensive lineman, and linebacker.

Here’s a list of the seven picks that the Cowboys Falcons and staff will have when the draft kicks off, this is unless the team makes a deal to give away or even add more picks to try and get their roster where they want to be.

Round 1 (27), Round 2 (60), Round 3 (91), Round 4 (127), Round 5 (163), Round 7 (236), Round 7 (243)

The team did go out and try to at least stop the bleeding at the running back spot, that being the pickup of former Oakland Raiders back Darren McFadden. He is a stop-gap at best for now until the team grabs a full-time back that hopefully will make the loss of Murray not be as big as it seems today.

Another spot they need to get filled right away is cornerback. They will look to fill that role in the draft, as well as if a player or two gets released come training camp.

As far as Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli goes, he is going to want an interior defensive lineman, and one player that could fill that void is Malcolm Brown, a huge defensive tackle from Texas.

Grabbing the big-bodied, hometown guy will help fill a need in the middle of the defensive line and give the Cowboys someone who can occupy blockers and set Greg Hardy free once he returns from his inevitable suspension.

Dallas could also look for a strong side or middle linebacker this year. The Cowboys could also add depth to not the offensive line. They have needs to fill, and look for the 2015 NFL Draft to be the start for the Cowboys to get better and ready for this upcoming season.

The Dez Bryant Situation

Questions are swirling about Dez Bryant’s future with the rumors of a controversial video.

Well that escalated quickly. The situation with Dez Bryant has definitely gotten more interesting. Quick recap, there is apparently a video of Bryant doing something bad, that would blow the Ray Rice video out of the water. Now what is on that video? No idea. All we know is that there is a video out there, and whoever has the video is trying to sell this video to the highest bidder. This is at a very costly time for Dez because he is currently in the process of trying to work out a new deal with the Cowboys, and this news does not bode well for the star receiver. All we can do is wait for this video to release (if it even releases), and hope that it is not as bad as the media is hyping it to be. So the questions are is the video real? And if so, how bad is it? I am going to hash out what exactly we know, and then give my opinion on the whole matter itself.


What We Know

Adam Schefter

When I first heard about this video I thought it was nothing but rumors, and then the NFL news God came in and said that there is a video, and that he has been working on the news since September, and apparently it has busied him the entire season. The fact that Adam Schefter has some knowledge of this video, and it has kept him busy for almost 6 months now is definitely a scary look for all Cowboys fans. Schefter did his best to say as little as possible, but still let it be known that he has been working on the news, and that the video does in fact exist.



I just saw this post on Barstool Sports this afternoon, but a police report was released involving Dez Bryant, and two other people. The incident that occurred was a women being dragged from one car to another. What the police report says it that Dez Bryant showed up after the alleged incident. The victim in this incident is Dez Bryant’s long time girlfriend, Ilyne Nash. She says that she got into an argument with another man, Alex Penson, and that she was not abused at all. The police report says however, that an unknown witness said he saw a woman being dragged from car to car. Now where does Dez fit into this? Well he showed up back to the Wal-Mart with Nash, and both of the cars in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 6:00 am are registered to Dez.. There were to charges in this event, and Dez was not charged with anything, and said he was only there for support. It seems like this is a non-factor, but with this dropping the same week of the rumors of the video, it could not be released at a more inconvenient time.



Twitter, where athletes can say whatever they want, and EVERYONE can see it. As a disgruntled athlete Dez has plenty to tweet about expressing his displeasure with the whole situation involving contract talks, and all the rumors. Dez has posted three different tweets that have been in criticism of the Cowboys, or talking about betrayal, and that he wants to set the record straight. He is not happy of the rumors that are spreading about him, and he is not happy that the Cowboys are still not hooking him up with a big boy deal to pay him what he deserves. My question is whether Dez is mad about not getting a deal quicker because he knows this video is going to be a true disaster? I don’t want to think that of Dez because I truly think he wants to be a Cowboy for life, and is not just looking for the money, but he does deserve to get paid. It is something to think about though. He would get his guaranteed money, and any money that he would earn until the video broke, and whatever punishment he would have to serve. I am hoping this is not the case, but it is a situation that is possible.


So that really is all we know about the whole situation. We know there is a video, everyone who has more knowledge about the video says it is on a higher scale than the Ray Rice video, and we know that Dez is not happy about anything right now. Now, most importantly, what do I think? I think that this video is real, and that if what is being reported is true, then Dez may have some troubles looking for a job. If I am Jerry Jones right now I am going to stay pressed to the news, and have all my people do the same. Talk to Dez as much as you can, and try to get any information you can before the media gets a hold of it, and you look foolish for not knowing about your own player. Once all is out, then and only then they consider figuring out what to do with Dez’s contract. Nobody is talking about what is known about the video, and until we know all we can do is speculate, and hope that it is not real.

Adrian Peterson To Dallas Rumors

Could this be the new face of the Cowboys running attack come next season?

The biggest story for the Dallas Cowboys this offseason is what will the Cowboys do regarding Des Bryant and Demarco Murray? We can’t afford both, and without one we will not be the same next year. The debate is which will be easier to replace? My opinion is that it is harder to replace a down field threat and playmaker like Dez. I believe that with our offensive line we can put any competent running back in our offense and be successful. With the most likely scenario being Murray becoming a free agent, we need to look at other options. One of the bigger rumors that is picking up steam is involving a running back that almost broke the single season rushing record.

There have rumors swirling about the possibilities of Adrian Peterson coming home to Dallas in order to replace Demarco Murray. This had been one the more popular rumors because of Peterson’s comments about wanting to return to his home state of Texas to play for the Cowboys. Last offseason rumors picked up after word got out that Peterson talked to owner Jerry Jones about the possibilities of Peterson eventually joining the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones liked the idea. The only way that this deal would be possible is if Peterson were to be cut and we signed him, or if the Cowboys were to trade for Peterson. Both of these scenarios however involve Peterson taking a pay cut, but the hope is that Peterson would give the Cowboys a hometown discount in order to bring the two together.

A Bleacher Report post said that the Cowboys have some interest in Peterson. When I saw this report I got excited with the idea of this happening. With more rumors suggesting that Murray is on his way out this looks like a serious options for the Cowboys to replace Murray. If the Cowboys do not think Joseph Randle will be able to fill the void that Murray will no doubt leave, the best option for the Cowboys to look at is free agency. There is no doubt that the Cowboys will take care of Dez Bryant first which leaves the Cowboys with question marks at running back. We should look at Adrian Peterson as a possibility especially if he is willing to take a pay cut. With one of the great running backs in the past couple of seasons, and combine him with arguably the best offensive line in football, the Cowboys will be an even more devastating offense come the 2015 season.

Cowboys Likely To Restructure Romo’s Deal to Get Cap Space


In an effort to create more salary cap space, the Cowboys are expected to restructure Tony Romo’s contract at some point this offseason, Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

That’s how the Cowboys designed their six-year, $108 million contract for Romo two years ago, a deal that has $55 million guaranteed. Essentially, the Cowboys will convert his base salary into a signing bonus to create cap room.

Romo is scheduled to make $17 million in 2015 with his cap number coming in at $27.7 million, something that will be significantly reduced assuming the Cowboys restructure his deal for the second consecutive offseason. Last year, the Cowboys created about $10 million in cap space by doing so.

That decision gives them more flexibility to re-sign their own free agents, as well as pursue others on the market. The Cowboys can clear additional space by doing a similar thing with left tackle Tyron Smith’s contract.

“We all realize that anything you push forward that if you don’t use it it’ll cost you cap space that you could use for other players,” owner Jerry Jones said this week at the Senior Bowl. “On an older player, the farther you put it out in the future the less likely you are to use it. That’s the point. That is the trick.

“On the other hand, the effort is to right now put together the best value we can using those dollars and that’s the art of the deal. I will tell you when I look at Tony I certainly do see four or five more years, so nothing scares me four or five years out.”

“This was carefully thought out when we made our agreement with Tony,” Jerry Jones said. “We knew that as we moved along there will be reallocation is the best way to say it with his salary, moving it around so that at a given time we could put the best group together with his supporting cast.”

NFL Draft 2015: Possibilities for Dallas

The Cowboys have some glaring needs at defense. The draft is their best shot at upgrading at these positions. Free agency will be a hard process because we have to worry about Dez and Demarco. There have been some rumors that the Cowboys could be looking to make a splash with Ndamukong Suh, but that is a wish list item, and to even think about that we have to determine what happens between Dez and Demarco. Since our season is over, and it is officially draft season, I thought what a better time than now to do a little draft preview. Now I am not a draft expert in the slightest, but I can see where our needs are, and by looking at different highlight and game videos, mock drafts, scouting reports, and stats I compiled a short list of players I think will be names to remember when it comes draft time. Without further ado, these are the prospects I think the Cowboys should be looking at when they are officially on the clock.


Eli Harold

Eli Harold #7 UVA


Eli Harold from the University of Virginia is a defensive end that has come on strong this season. He has had quite the career at Virginia with 36.5 TFLs which is good for 10th in UVA history, 141 tackles, 4 fumbles, 17.5 sacks, and was a 2nd team All-ACC selection this year. He is 6’4” 250 lbs., so he is a little on the small side, but he is quite the athlete. From what I saw watching some of his highlights I noticed that he is fast, and very quick off the ball. He ran a 4.6 40-yard dash, and is very good at chasing down the ball carrier. He does a great job of using his hands to get off of blocks. He’s a tall guy, and can get his hands up in the QBs face, and bat down balls. I think he can be a great guy to add to our defensive line, and can be a great upgrade to our pass rush. He’s a speed guy, and if he can add some muscle, and weight to him he will be a force against offensive tackles. Harold is rated as the 8th best outside linebacker on Mel Kiper Jr.’s board, and that can be another role that Harold can fill for Dallas. He is a raw talent so his technique needs some work, but in the hands of Rod Marinelli, I think Harold can become a great pass rusher, and great defensive player.



Senquez Golsen

Senquez Golsen #21 Ole Miss


From Ole Miss this defensive back is a player who’s stock is currently on the rise. He is a small player, and that is his major drawback. At 5’9” 176 lbs. scouts think that Golsen will have an issue when it comes to defending the taller receivers in the league. I will say that having a smaller corner is something to be weary about, but after watching him play, and reading scouting report he is a guy that should be judged off of his play rather than his size. He is only an inch shorter than Orlando Scandrick, and I think once he is in an NFL strength & conditioning program Golsen can get his weight up. He is projected at a 2nd round pick, and his stock is rising. He could benefit from the combine, and shoot up higher. I hope the Cowboys could pick him up in the 2nd round because I think our first round pick should be spent on defensive line, but if Golsen proves to be a much better player, and shows great improvement he could be a solid pick at 27. He does a great job of sticking to the opposing receiver, and has great ball skills. He has good footwork, and fluid hips that make breaking on the ball easy for him, which is apparent by his 16 picks this past season. He is currently ranked as the 9th best corner on Mel Kiper Jr.’s board, was a unanimous All-American pick, and helped close out the win for Ole Miss against Alabama with a game ending pick. He is a playmaker that I think can seriously upgrade our secondary, which has been suspect for the past couple seasons. The addition of Golsen would allow Scandrick to play outside more, and possible move to safety. I will be for sure keeping an eye on Golsen throughout the draft process, combine, and pro days because if his stock continues to rise we could see Senquez Golsen holding the Cowboys jersey on the first night of the NFL Draft.


Xavier Williams


Xavier Williams #98 UNI

This big boy from Northern Iowa is flying under the radar, but after looking good all week at the East-West Shrine Bowl, looking unblockable during practice, he is getting some attention. Williams is 6’2” 309 lbs. and is a force at the 1-technique. This past season Williams had 66 tackles, 12 TFLs, 8 sacks, 3 pass break ups, and a blocked kick. I watch some plays of Northern Iowa vs. North Dakota State University, and Williams did a good job of creating pressure, getting in the backfield, and getting to the ball carrier. For being a bigger guy, he is quite fast, and has some better than average lateral movement. He was a former wrestler, and that background is quite the extra skill to have playing in the trenches.. He has a great low center of gravity, which allows him to create penetration, and cause havoc amongst the offensive line. There is nothing more frustrating to an offense than to have a defensive player constantly being in the backfield, or getting push on your offensive line, and that is what Williams does. He has natural grown-man strength, and being 6’2” and playing with such great center of gravity he is able to gain leverage on offensive linemen. Now the drawback for Williams is that yes he played at Northern Iowa, so the talent drop off is significant. However, with better competition and better talent he will be able to improve his play. What he definitely needs to work on is his explosion off the line. In the NDSU game it seemed like he was slow off the snap count, which in the NFL will get you demolished. He is the 7th rated defensive tackle on Mel Kiper Jr.’s board, so he is making some noise and getting his name out there. He is projected as a 4th round pick for now, and could be a steal for Dallas if we were to pick him in the 4th round. I think his stock will definitely rise during the draft process, and we could see him move up to the 3rd round. Being from a small school he has no pressure on him to be something his is not, so if he goes into the combines, pro days, and interview process he can truly make a name for himself.


Za’Darius Smith

Za’Darius Smith #94 UK

Za’Darius Smith (new favorite name I might add) is a defensive lineman out of the University of Kentucky who has also been a name to look for at the Senior bowls. A 6’4” 273 lbs. defensive end Smith was a force for Kentucky’s defensive line. He plays with a sense of urgency, and with great power at the point of attack. He is a bigger defensive end so his speed is not much to brag about, between a 4.7 and a 4.9 40-time, but he is quick. He is 273 lbs. though, which at defensive end is a big boy. I watched some highlights from 2013 against Fresno and what I noticed was he definitely read blocks well, and did a good job of getting up field, but it was getting off those blocks and bending to the ball carrier that he needs to improve on. He does a good job of setting tackles up with an outside rush, and counters back inside. What Smith has working for him is that he can shed some weight and work on his speed and technique to become a faster more technically sound defensive end, or he can gain some muscle and move inside. Dallas has been rotating guys in and out at the defensive line, so a guy like Smith can be one of those guys that can fill in at both defensive end spots and 3 technique.