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Terry Glenn Getting Closer?


While there is still no prognosis on when or even if Terry Glenn can return to the Cowboys to play this season, Coach Wade Phillips did mention just where Terry Glenn is in his rehabilitation. Terry Glenn, who underwent two arthroscopic surgeries during the off season, is now building up his quads. Wade Phillips noted in his Thursday press conference, that after you have knee surgery your quads go down in strength. Wade Phillips estimates it could take one to two weeks to rebuild that muscle. From there Glenn will likely start taking light reps before returning to full practice.

For Cowboys fans getting your hopes up for the eventual return of Terry Glenn, don’t hold your breath quite yet. If Glenn stays on track in his recovery it could still be three to four games before you actually see him in a game. For now, however, the good news is Glenn is still on track to play at some point this season.

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48 Responses to “Terry Glenn Getting Closer?”

  1. Sam says:

    Nate, thanks for this quick update. I think if we can keep going the way we have been, being in the pre-season is almost a certainty. So looks like we might be able to have him on our side when we need him the most. I think that’s what matters the most.

    I remember that he had some problems with depression in the past, while not playing. I hope it is all behind him now and he is all upbeat about coming back to play too.

  2. Nate Acreman says:

    Sam, you’ll be happy to know that in the interview with Wade Phillips he also said that Glenn remained in good spirits about how his rehab is going. Obviously he wants to get back on the field which is why he chose to just have the loose cartilage removed rather than season ending micro fiber surgery, but he isn’t wanting to rush it for the sake of playing all the same.

  3. Loquacist says:

    Well, the Cowboys will have to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Assume that Glenn won’t come back this season…which Owens, Romo, Witten and Co. seem to be on track with anyway. Any return of Glenn is a major booster.

  4. Sam says:

    That’s definitely good to hear. Let’s hope that this short term fix actually works for him and doesn’t cause any long term issues for him!

  5. Bill says:

    I notice you mention Owens, Romo, Whitten and Co. I believe Partick Crayton is a large part of that Co. too.

  6. Jabbar says:

    I truly believe the Cowboys will not win a SuperBowl this year without a long threat option. If, Glenn is unable to return that will spell defeat if they make it to Superbowl.

    Hopefully, the Cowboys are seeking an alternative to Glenn. I’m Hoping Chad Johnson demands a trade.

  7. Nate Acreman says:

    Really? You honestly think Chad Johnson is going to demand a trade? Even if he did, don’t you think he might be out a couple weeks with that injury he took during the Bengals Bills game?

  8. Jabbar says:


    The need for a speed receiver will remain beyoond a couple of weeks. I just don’t believe the Cowboys can put all of their eggs in Glenns’s basket.

    This teameam is like the their first Superbowl team of the 90’s that needed a pash rusher to turn the corner. Thankfully the 49’s filled that need by trading Charles Haley for basicly nothing.

    If the Cowboys are going to become an elite team they must acquire a speed receiver, as the New England game proved.

  9. Tom Nguyen says:

    how are you doing?

    i read a lot about time that Terry Glenn could return, but incase he won’t return for this season. do you think the Cowboys should try to bring back Keyshawn Johnson?
    i am very appreciate for your comments
    thank you

  10. Nate Acreman says:

    I don’t think Keyshawn Johnson would be the answer. When Johnson played for the Cowboys Glenn was still the speed guy. So if Johnson came back to the Cowboys there would still be a need for a speed guy. Unfortunately there just aren’t any speed guys on the market right now, and if they were on the market you’d have to ask yourself why.

  11. Sam says:


    You are kidding, right? For one, Keyshawn probably hasn’t been on a football field in a long time, sitting in the comfort of the ESPN studio, in a nice suit.

    Now, even if he hadn’t retired and could be signed by the Cowboys again, I am not very sure that he and TO would get along that well.

    But above all, I personally don’t think he can be a replacement for Glenn, not by a long shot….

    But I will let others comment!

  12. Matt says:

    What are the draft prospects at the WR position? Glenn, even when he comes back and is full strength, is at the end of his career – TO is getting close…there’s a need to pick up some young talent, and have them learn from these greats we are talking about.

  13. jack says:

    I dont know why everybody is so anxious for Glen to return. Romo’s shoulder problems will not let him throw the ball deep with any accuarcy. Also, a deep route will take a defender into the area that TO runs to after the catch.

  14. Nate Acreman says:

    Jack, what shoulder problem are you referring to? There has been know news of Romo having any shoulder problems that I know of. Romo did have a minor hamstring pull before the bye, and I think the week before that had something happen to his no throwing arm, but none of that was known to linger. Also if you watched the Giants game you would have seen a few deep passes thrown to T.O.

  15. joe says:

    yea jack, wat shoulder problem r u talking about? did u see romo’s arm wen he threw the 4 amazing passes 2 owens in the redskins game??? shoulder problem my a**!!! romo’s arm keeps getting more and more accurate each game! hez alwayz in “the zone” 🙂

  16. jack says:

    Romo has what is known as a short rotator that will not allow him to completely follow through on a long throw. He had the same problem at East Ill. That is why I said that getting Glenn back would not help because Tony just cannot throw the ball as far as Glenn’s speed would need. The throws he has made to T.O. were not deep routes, just a large amount of run-after-catch.

  17. joe says:

    really??? was he born with this short rotator??? can his arm fully heal? thatz very interesting…and he is still an amazing qb! sooo ure saying if he didnt have this short rotator, then he wud b throwing 80+ yd td passes??? i did notice that sum of his throws r lobbed up pretty hi. if he didnt have this rotator, wud he b throwing bullet passes lyke favre and brady? anywho, who do u think will win in week 13? packs or the boyz? thanx 4 answering my questions. peace


  18. Nate Acreman says:

    I am going to need to see some proof of that statement. If you think about the implications of that comment it doesn’t make sense that he would also be a good golfer and played pretty good basketball as well.

    Also, Romo is averaging 9 and 10 yards a pass, that’s not exactly dink and dunk passing. Three passes to Terrel Owens against the Redskins were balls thrown for 20 to 30 yards, that’s no short distance. I’d also like to point out that with Owens and Glenn starting last year both had over 1000 yards receiving with Romo throwing them the ball.

    Now that said, I am not calling Romo a deep ball passer, but I am saying that it’s clear his passing isn’t hampered by some mystery rotator cuff problem that I can’t seem to find any proof of online.

  19. Jabbar says:

    I will admit that some of Romo’s deep balls do come up short but he capable of throwing 40-50 yards.

    I also realize that Romo doesn’t have the arm strenght to hit 60 yard outs. But, without that threat even if it is a decoy New England will double Owens and Witten and dare Crayton and hurd to beat them which thet are incapable of doing.

    Point being no deep threat,NO SUPERBOWL!!!!!!

  20. jack says:

    TR hurt his arm against Cleveland State back at E. I. This was not a birth defect or anything but simply a result of a strain not quite healing. That was well documented at the conbo work outs. Probably why no body wasted a draft pick. B T W Jonny U had the same problem after his third season at Balt.

  21. William says:

    Enough about Romo. He’s the man and playing like a 1st round draft pick !! My problem is with the Defense. With Roy being a liability in the passing game…I feel we need more presure up front. DeMarcus is a best and Greg Ellis is still doing his thing…but we need more from Canty, Spears

  22. joe says:

    yesss, romo is playing lyke a pro! hez alwayz has. he is the biggest threat 4 the cowboyz; the way he throws, the accuracy, how he scrambles n moves lyke no other qb in the league rite now, the way he can read his receivers, etc…hez the miracle from God! itz been more than a decade ive been waiting 4 a good boyz qb (after aikman)! no doubt they will win the superbowl if not this year, then definitely the next, or the year after! we jus need 2 stop them damn pats! if they win the superbowl this year, then brady getz his 4th superbowl, which meanz he breaks aikman’s 3 superbowl record!!!

    but anywho, did u guyz hear about patrick crayton not mite b able 2 play in 2marrow’s thanksgiving game??? i heard that he missed out on tuesday’s practice becuz of is ankle. i heard itz been pretty sore 4 him but i dunno wat happened on tuesday, that made him skip yesterday’s practice.

    hey jack, by da way, romo didnt throw 20-30 yarders 2 owens…he threw a 46 and a 52 yard both td passes 2 owens and a 51 yard pass 2 patrick crayton in the redskins game…thatz lyke double the yardage u mentioned in ure answer 🙂 romo is a beast!

  23. Sam says:

    Joe, you got that wrong with the yardage. Jack was talking about the actual yards from when the ball left Romo’s hands and was caught by TO. You are talking about the the yardage as yards from the line of scrimmage to the endzone where the play ended.

  24. Hi and I appreciate your time here. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and cannot understand why I cannot even thru the internet looking every single day find out any information in detail about Terry Glenn. I understand sports and sports injuries but it seems there is some hiding going on concerning him. I live in Ohio and always have but have been a Cowboys ever since I can remember, also been a Buckeye, please let me know his TRUE status!

  25. Matt says:


    I was on yesterday watching a live chat with Matt Williamson. This very question was asked, and he said Glenn is running now, and slowly trying to build his endurance. Williamson also predicted a late December return…which is great news to us because if he can be back and healthy for the playoffs…well…I don’t have to tell you what this would mean for other teams. One thing that I was thinking about regarding Glenn’s situation is that, bottom line, he’s old, and he will be hitting that decline where he won’t be the same Terry Glenn we are accustomed to seeing. Glenn knows this which is why he is really taking his time rehabbing. If he ‘F’s up his knee again by trying to speed the process…it’s over for him. So let’s be patient and just hope we get him for the playoffs this year, and then two solid years after to supplement the Romo-T.O.-Witten passing attack. Crayton’s experience this year, will make him great in the slot starting next year too.

  26. ROBOHIO says:

    i just patched in to this site and find it interesting. been a BIG D fan since Rog, White, Aikman, now Romo. Lets not forget that the boys just came off one of their best rushing games even though it was aginst the jets. even though the defense is doing a great job i do agree with improvements. if you look at all of the major strikes against the defense it has been on slants or routes that cut across the middle. work to be done there. offensively they need a plan to get the rushing game back to where it was years ago. that involves the line. we have been punching late in the third and fourth but we still need to see some pressure from the rush early to get that edge when looking for a deeper throw. the rush tends to get the d-backs looking too much and opens the filed a little more. what do you think?

  27. Hnguyen15 says:

    I can’t even imagine how good our team would be if we got glenn back in good condition. Owens is having a great year and I think it’s mostly Romo maturing that causing this. With Romo playing the way he is I think glenn will come in an tear it up. He had more yards than owens last year and he’s more reliable for 3rd down conversions. With witten t.o. t.g and patrick in the slot and the barbarion I think offensively we can be better than than moss and welker. My only concern is our defense. Not sure whats wrong with our secondary, we have good backs and safety but teams are killing us with first downs. I remember when we had charles woodson, newman (teague I think) and roy back there in 03 we had the best secondary. We had sharks out there and had the best defense. I actually enjoyed watching dallas play defense which is not true today. Today im scared when the defense is on the field. What i want to know is where or who is the weak link. I dont want to say Roy because we give him to much money. Is it our middle linebacker do we need a smarter defensive captain like Dat Nguyen?

  28. cowboyfan4298124 says:



  29. William says:

    I think we can forget about Terry Glenn coming back this year. I was watching Wade Phillips press conference he was asked about Terry Glenn’s status…..He blew it off and didn’t want to talk about Terry.

  30. Marion Barber ask wade phillips can you compete for the starting job


  32. gEErOj says:

    It’s time to look past Glenn and towards the future.

    As much as it pains me to say, the Cowboys will not win the super bowl this year. They just don’t match up well against the Patriots and I don’t think Terry Glenn will make a difference because the match up problems are on defense. The Patriots can score all day long, at will, on the Cowboys who under Wade Phillips have not gotten any better on defense. This brings me to my next point… The head coach…

    I can guarantee you that someone is going to offer Jason Garrett a head coaching job in the off-season and I can tell you now that he is the single biggest reason the boys have improved so much this year. His game plans, play calling, and coaching of Romo have been outstanding. I would much rather see Wade Phillips go then Jason Garrett as I really believe he is the next Belichick type of genius in this league.

    Quite honestly I believe that somewhere out there is a young defensive genius in the making that could step in next year and take over the defense while Garrett steps into the head coaching role.

    If the Cowboys stay instead w/ Phillips, loose Garrett and don’t bring a young prospect in at Wide Out then there may never be a 6th ring in their future. This generation of Cowboys may never be anything more than an almost but not quite team. Like the Bills of the 90’s.

  33. Matt says:


    One problem I have with your commentary regards Jason Garrett. Yeah there will be some desperate teams coming after him looking for a coach, but I think (for Dallas) it’s more important to keep him as the Offensive coordinator right now, then to move him into the Head Coaching position where he has NO experience. Head Coach is quite a bit different than O coordinator, Norv Turner will tell you that. This is a situation where I like the phrase, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This offseason, improvements obviously need to be made in the secondary with pass coverage. This is not a reflection of Wade Phillips’ defensive strategies, it’s a reflection of Jerry Jones sacrificing pass coverage for the sake of tackling ability in SS Roy Williams. I would like to see Phillips stay another year at least, and keep Garrett in the coordinator position, not head coach – at least for now. Jerry will have to pony up the dough to keep him there, but (more than that) I don’t think Garrett is ready himself to take on a head coaching job. He is just now establishing his name/reputation in the NFL with Dallas. Taking on a head coaching job and failing at it this early in his coaching career would be devastating. You pick: Would I rather be offensive coordinator for Dallas’ #1 O in the NFC and continue establishing my rep or take a risk and go somewhere with much less talent and lose my credibility as a coach. The only scenario I can picture is if Marvin Lewis gets fired this offseason. Garrett would at least have some toys to play with in Cincinatti with Carson Palmer, Chad J., TJ Housh, Rudi Johnson. But overall, I’m not worried about Garrett wanting to leave Dallas just yet.

  34. gEErOj says:


    I completely agree w/ you. Ideally I would love to keep things as they are for next year w/ the coaching staff. And it is too soon for Garrett to become a head coach but I fear that he and other teams won’t see it that way. One team I worry about is the Giants, who if they fire Coughlin in the off season may make an offer to him. I think Jones may really have to open up the checkbook to keep Garrett but can he really pay his OC more than his head coach? One thing I do feel positive of is that Jones realizes how important Garrett is to this team’s future.

    Also, in addition to pass coverage they also need to address age at WR. I love Owens but at 34 his days on top of his game are numbered. I’d love to see them develop young, new talent at wide out while Owens is still there, (the same way he learned under Rice). Their current crop of young wide outs seem more like support players, i.e. I don’t see Crayton as true number 1 receiver of the future.

  35. Matt says:


    Yeah, I think you’re right about the Giants. But I just don’t see Garrett getting this far ahead of himself. He really has a chance to put a stamp of success on his resume in Dallas with the way things are going now. With how smart he is as an O coordinator, I just can’t imagine him committing, what I would regard as, a poor career move such as this.

    I agree 100% about the WR position. That is probably what I worry most about for the year after next. They can live with how things are for one more season I think (offensively), but they need to begin brewing something for 2009. I, too, think Crayton is a #3 at best and Hurd offers nothing special. I would love to see another Roy Williams come to town. I read an article from a Michigan press news source saying that Roy Williams wants out of Detroit when his contract expires after next season. He has strong family ties to Odessa, and he loves Texas. I know it’s sounds like a long shot, but I think Jerry Jones would really bite at the opportunity to bring this guy into Big D. Should be interesting to see what may happen here. 2008 Draft – Maybe Limas Sweed from Texas? He should be available with a low 20’s pick, depending on other interests this could be a possibility. I just don’t want to see any more Longhorns go to the Giants…poor Aaron Ross.

  36. Steve Tenpenny says:

    Surely Jerry will figure a way to keep JG, whatever it takes. And, I agree. We need to focus on a shut down defense, which we don’t have right now. Offensively for the future, however,it would be glorious if Garrett was the head man, and if Jerry is smart, and I think he is, he needs to figure a way to get Major Applewhite from Alabama as the OC. The combination of Garrett and Applewhite would insure the Cowboys could be an offensive power for years to come.

  37. Matt says:


    I double-agree. It seems the offense will be set as long as plans are made at WR for upcoming years. I am very uneasy, however, with that atrocious pass defense, specifically short field coverage (8-12 yards deep). You get descent QB’s in there with any sort of passing game and it seems full reliance becomes placed on the Dallas offense for a victory (i.e. Lions game, Pats of course, Even Washington with Jason Campbell). I would like to see Dallas beat a good team with a good QB because of their defense. I’m not just talking about the D making a pivotal stop like in the Detroit game. But I am talking about a consistent effort throughout the course of a game where a team is unsuccessful in moving the ball via the short 8to12-yard passing game. The game against the ‘Skins is what really opened my eyes to this. I don’t know if this was a result of Dallas’ strategy being to eliminate the deep threats, but Campbell had more success against Dallas than any other team in his young career. Sure he threw the late pick (Thank GOD), but the fact that he had the amount of success he had moving up and down the field worries me. This is a trend that you have probably noticed in other games, too. It was a good thing Green Bay/Favre shyed from this usual game plan of theirs, or this game would not have been as comfortable for us. This is a must fix if Dallas is to compete with NE over the next few years, and a must fix if they want to keep a better-informed packer team out of their place in the Super Bowl this year.

  38. Matt says:

    Tony Romo is really impressing me. At the beginning of the season I had my doubts but I think hes proved enough to me. Lets just hope we dont play Seattle in the playoffs…

  39. Nate Acreman says:

    Why would I hope we don’t play Seattle? I am actually hoping for it. It’s time to atone for the Boys to show they aren’t last year’s Cowboys.

  40. Steve Tenpenny says:

    You’re oh so right. I do hope Glenn can return, too, for he has that great ability to get separation like no one else we have right now. And, Romo will surely find him. But, I’m afraid it might not be in the cards because of his knees. The WR position is a concern, and I personally hope they do something in the next draft in a dramatic way, OR, make a deal to get Roy Williams away from Detroit. My son played against him when he was at Permian, when Duncanville beat Odessa in 98 on the way to the division I 5A State Championship. And, he knew hin at UT. He is a force.
    Hopefully, the Cowboys are doing with Young Mr. Stanback what they did with Romo…bringing him along slowly. He could fill some future void.
    Well, my friend, I’ve been avoiding bringing this up, and it causes me pain, for I love this guy as a player. But, I feel the Cowboys are going to have to seriously rethink the situation with #31, Roy Williams. There is no one better in the league for hitting and hustle, and he’s done a great job with the tools he has. But, in order to really create that shut down defense, we have to get more speed and coverage ability at that position. He’s been beaten badly many times against tight ends in this league, or guys like Wes Welker. And, he’s actually been very lucky many other times when he probably should have been flagged or the receiver simply dropped the ball. I just think his speed is the culprit here, and sometimes you have to make tough decisions. He would bring a premium on the trade market I’m sure.

  41. joe says:

    nate, i agree with u. i hope the boyz do face the seahawks! tony romo will redeem himself in that particular game! im happy that romo slipped the ball last year…i bet if he didnt make that mistake, he wudnt b as amazing as he is, 2day!!! he probably lived with that nightmare stuck in his head every single nite…and becuz of that big mistake he made, hez been practicing his butt off 2 b one of the elite’s greatest qb ever! sooo i hope the boyz do face seahawks…cuz i know that will b a guarentee win 4 us.

  42. Rambo says:

    Guys Personally I believe the Cowboys will win the superbowl for the fact that Romo,TO,Witten,Grayton,Barber,Jones, in my eyes are the best at what they do look Romo 2nd in the League with TDs and yardage, TO 2nd in league with TDs, and Witten is the best TE in the league and Barber and Jones is by far the Best 1-2 punch in the league and As I read the comments I was Noticing people talking bout the Cowboys not having deep threats Guys the cowboys lead the league in 20 + yard plays with over 60 thats right 60 plays of over 20+ yds thats crazy and to say some of yawl are true cowboys fans and then say ” cowboys aren’t going to win superbowl ” is crazy when we do win the superbowl I’m gonna come on here and post a comment proving each one of you that said that was wrong. On to Terry Glen, guys Hes still a treat no matter if he cathes balls or not just like TO Crayton and Hurd are stepping up when they have to thats all we need, having TO on the right side and Glenn on the Left with crayton in slot thats a crazy combo because you know that crayton has proven himself in the game.

  43. Steve Tenpenny says:

    Here’s one for the faithfull. If it ever came to a vote, I just might have to say the greatest single play in the history of the Dallas Cowboys was when Romo bobbled that snap last year against Seattle. Just think about all the good things that have happened since, and where we would be right now had that not occured. Wow!

  44. Matt says:


    First I have to say that just because people don’t scream out that their team will win the SB does not make their loyalty inferior to yours – instead it makes them more realistic. Think about what you said. You made a very contradictory statement when you said,

    “I believe the Cowboys will win the superbowl for the fact that Romo,TO,Witten,Grayton,Barber,Jones, in my eyes are the best at what they do look Romo 2nd in the League with TDs and yardage, TO 2nd in league with TDs, and Witten is the best TE in the league and Barber and Jones is by far the Best 1-2 punch in the league…”

    Guess who would be there anticipated SB counterpart. The team that is 1st in the areas that you mentioned. I haven’t seen people on here saying that the Cowboys are definitely going to lose the SB IF THEY EVEN MAKE IT THERE (they’re not there yet), but you can’t come out and say the they will win it based on your logic – don’t get me wrong. I will cry from happiness if/when they do win it again. People are on here to take a non-biased approach to their analysis of Dallas’ season. They are not here to make unsupported judgments and predictions that the Cowboys will accomplish something they haven’t done in over a decade. I appreciate the fact that you consider yourself a fan, but don’t let your fanaticism impede on objective commentary. Overall, I don’t think anyone would disagree with the promise the Cowboys have shown. We are all excited, and we all believe in this team. As for Terry Glenn being a threat, I think you’re right, Rambo. Whether or not Glenn is 100%, i think his proven abilities in the NFL provides opposing defenses enough reason to have to compensate for his presence on the field. But I think we’ll be lucky to have him healthy enough for one more complete season. And T.O. will also be 35 by the end of next season. I mentioned this once above, but Lions’ WR Roy Williams is rumored to want out of Detroit when his contract expires after 2008 season. He’s from Odessa and his family still lives there. It has been said that he loves Texas and would like to return there. Hopefully Jerry Jones explores this interest.

  45. john says:

    I hate WR Roy Williams

  46. john says:

    I hate the Cowgirls go Patroits

  47. Matt says:

    Only bandwagoners can’t spell the name of the team that they claim to be fans of. “Patroits?” – Give me a break. You’re just another frontrunner – probably no affiliation with the New England region.

  48. Joe says:

    haha, matt is sooo rite! patroits??? here john, let me break it down 4 u: P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S. does that help a lil???




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