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Cowboys Now For Sure the Team to Beat After Win over Pack

This was to be the game of the year with Tony Romo facing off against his long time idol Brett Favre. The show down between the two QBs, however, only lasted one and a half quarters as Brett Favre was pulled from the game with an apparent injury to his arm.

Both teams came out firing to open the game. Brett Favre was the first to lead his team down the field with a couple quick passes and put the Pack up 3 to on the opening drive. The Cowboys would then answer back with a field goal of their own snatching away the Packers only lead of the game.

About midway through the second quarter, after throwing his second interception of the game Brett Favre was hit by Nate Jones on a blitz and injured his arm he would not come back for the rest of the game. Aaron Rodgers filled in nicely for the injured Favre going18 of 26 for 201 yards and a touchdown pass. Other contributers the Green Bay team would be Ryan Grant who ran for 94 yards on 14 carries and had two TDs and Greg Jennings who had 87 reception yards and 1 TD on five receptions.

Despite their hard play, though, the Packers were unable to keep up with the Cowboys high scoring offense. Tony Romo went 19 of 30 for 309 yards 4 TDs and the lone interception was because Owens bobbled the ball into a defender’s hands. Terrell Owens had over a hundred yards receiving in the first half of the game alone and finished the game with 7 receptions for 156 yards and 1 TD. Other key contributers to the Cowboys offense would be Patrick Crayton 3 receptions for 42 yards and two TDs, and Anthony Fasano with 1 reception for 26 yards and a TD. Jason Witten, who was believed by many to being a key factor in the game did not get his first catch until the Fourth quarter. Witten finished the game with 6 receptions for 67 yards.


Romo’s four TD passes now give him 33 TDs on the season, surpassing Danny White’s single season record of 30. Brett Favre’s winless record in Dallas is now moved to 0-9. With one more TD pass Terrell Owens can beat the team record set by Frank Clark, they are currently tied at 14. Brett Favre’s first pass interception is his first in a 139 pass attempts. This wins gives the Cowboys a playoff berth, with a Giants loss this week Dallas would clinch the division.

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4 Responses to “Cowboys Now For Sure the Team to Beat After Win over Pack”

  1. Larry Leek (The Nations #1 Cowboy Fan) says:

    We can talk all we want about our boys being the best team in the NFC, but for now & for me that means squat. I’ve been w/ the boys for 42 yrs. now & hve suffered thru the SB losses as well as the great wins. Everybody (sports media) talks about the Dolphins perfect season but have they ever mentioned that the last loss they suffered (this great juggernaught of a team) was in SB VI against the boys & to this day is still the only losing team in SB history that only scored 3 pts. Opps I’m straying off the subject (as I do a lot when talking about my boys)Back to the point I was making. In case anyone for got there’s a team called the New Englang Patriots (& believe me I hate to mention this)whom @ this moment is still undefeated. Even though I am very pleased to see Dallas sitting atop the NFC @ 11-1 & also a Cowboy team record. Not to mention all the individual records being set this year by Tony Romo, T.O.& others, but there’s a few items we need to consider & I hope the Cowboys can see what I have seen.
    #1. If the Patriots do indeed make the SB & far now I would say they are definately say they are the odds on favorite to be the AFC’s representative,
    and if the Pats are undefeated, imagine the motivation that would give an already great team that already has 3 SB rings to their credit.
    #2. We all know as Cowboy fans (thats is if you really know your football), We all know who is responsible for building this football team, just like we know who was responsible for building them beginning in 1989 (and no it wasn’t Jerry Jones). Bill Parcells built this team from the ground up & regardless of what you hear from some of the players on this team, he can coach circles around Wade Phillips, Wade is just reaping the benefits of a ready made winner that was still (& still in some ways still is) very inexperianced this time last year (you know w/ young teams theres this thing called a geling process). I really believe we could be the undefeated team & not the Pats if the big Tuna had been on the side lines. remember we had the lead in the 3rd quarter & a Bill Parcells coached team can wear a team down from the 3rd Qtr. on when they have the lead. Now, getting to the point (there I go drifting again).
    If indeed this years SB pits the Cowboys & The Pats against each other (all favoritism put aside) whom would you rather have in your corner coaching your team in the big game Bill Belichek or Wade Phillips? who would you feel more comfortable coaching your team? Me personally I believe & have always believed the the head coach is everything. You can have a team that is full of superstars all up & down the roster, but if they don’t have a good leader they are nothing but a bunch of famous losers. you can go 15-1 all day long but if you lose the big game you’re still labeled a loser. There’s one thing I never want to see again & thats the cowboys losing another SB, believe me it ain’t a good feeling. After Troy & company I sincerely hope those days are forever behind us. I would love to see Bill Parcells w/ this team in the Super Bowl against is old ex assistant. I doubt the tuna taught his employee all his secrets & I sure would feel better about our chances beating them).
    #3. Every decade (since the 60s) we have a team that is named team of the decade. You know The Packers team of the 60s, Steelers team of the 70’s (Barely), The 49ers team of the 80s (thanks to the lucky catch), The team of the 90s (@ last after challenging the teams of the 60s,70s & 80s) the COWBOYS ( I waited so long for that title) & as much as I hate to say it the Pats the team of the milinium. So now ain’t it time for them to hand the torch over to some new young lion, I mean ain’t it about time for ole Tom & company to start riding off into the sunset as all great champions do or is it. I mean if somebody’s gonna be named team of the decade for 2 seperate decades, shouldn’t it be a team that stiffley challanged the decade teams for a decade title for over 30 yrs (us of course). We are the new young lions, but something just don’t feel quite right, this time we are gonna have to be able to reach out & snatch that title from the old lions hand in the big game. I don’t recall that ever having to have been done before. But one thing I do know now decade team has ever been named team of the decade thats lost a SB. Given that I, if I had a choice, would rather not go @ all if it means losing the game & all else that would be @ stake for this young team including having to overcome the fact they had lost one. Just ask Minnesota & Buffalo how hard that is to shake. I don’t want this team in that position do you?
    #4. Now for reality, we are (right now) the best the NFC has to offer, which right now ain’t too much. so if we are gonna make the SB, we need to face the reality that unless some miracle occurs (& I have seen many in my days when it comes to the NFL) we will be playing the Patriots. Now the thing we have to look @ is how do we beat them, we can start by veiwing (Many, Many Times) the Eagles vs Pats game. Because if we are gonna beat them we have to keep Randy Moss in check by double teaming him & getting very physical & please don’t bring up Wesley Welkers name, shutting down Moss is the task, not shutting dowm Welker. Welker is very fast but he’s also very small & one man can easily keep him in check by simply being physical w/him ( one man!)you get extremely physical w/ him & he’s done. Remember DOUBLE Moss W/ Newman & who ever else, put Anthony Henry on Welker & make sure he’s physical, no cusions on these guys BE PHYSICAL!! & we have to get to Brady & ring his bell (put him out like we did Jim Kelly) put him on the bench. Right now the Pats are basically one dimensional & logically speaking it should be virtually impossible for an unbalanced team to be undefeated this point in the season. two advantages we have that the Patriots don’t have we’re younger & we are more balanced. The Patriots are still struggling to find a running game therefore they are very, very vunerable. All we have to do is shut down the only dimension they have, A great coach w/ a balanced team would embarassingly dismantle a one dimensional team especially w/ a great young defense like the one we now have.
    In my heart I can only hope this team can realize there potential & the task they are soon to have @ hand. dethroning a champion ain’t no easy task balanced or not because of the pride factor. We have to realize that youth, preparation & skill can uaually over come pride, we just have to serch our souls & ask ourselves did we come this far or work tis hard to be labeled a loser by losing to a one dimensional team or do we step up & take back what was rightfully ours (the Cowboys) long before the Pats ever thought about making the playoffs let along winning a SB.

  2. Sam says:


    If what you say is true, most of the new coaches out there can still be beaten by the old and retired coaches because they know more and these new coaches were once assistants to them. I personally don’t believe in that.

    A few extra tricks might help a team make a few extra plays and beat the other team on those plays, but not win a game. For that, I think they need a better team, that also plays better.

    No offense to Parcells, but I don’t think he can just coach any team and beat the Pats. For that, he will also need a good team. As for him building the current Cowboys team and Phillips enjoying the fruits of his work now, I disagree. I agree that Bill Parcells definitely helped in bringing a good group of guys together, making sure that he got good people in weak positions etc. Wade Phillips has not only built on top of that but also definitely helped improve the morale of the team (which was surely not the greatest last year). But that doesn’t mean Phillips doesn’t deserve credit for the wins that we are having now. Compare his previous stints as head coach. You will see a coach who always had a winning history. Just because he is laidback and doesn’t try to control every interview that he has, doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach.

    At the end of the day, we have a good/decent QB (depending on who is looking at at it and how you look at it) who doesn’t melt under pressure, loves the game and wants to win. We have a good O-line. We have a good offense in general all of who wants to win too.

    Defensively, we again have a good team, one that can put pressure on any offense, a good/average secondary (depending on the day and time) and one that can together stop any other offense in the league if they put their mind to it.

    It is up to them to play to their potential and win us some ball games. Let’s hope they rise to the occasion in January and beyond.

  3. You have to really read my comment to understand my message. You missed the entire point I was trynig to make & how do can you even think that Wade Phillips has done as much to build this team as Coach Parcells? I’m sorry but nothing could be further from the truth. Believe me I sincerely hope that Coach Phillips turns out to be great w/ the cowboys but his resume don’t show it. You talk like he was great in his previous head coaching stints, however both programs declined under his leadership & he was eventually fired from both jobs, where do you get sucessful from that?

  4. Sam says:

    I think you also missed my point. I was saying that even if Wade Phillips got lucky in getting a team that was built to some extent by Parcells, one of the reasons they are performing well now is because of his style of coaching which is different from Parcells’.

    Think about it. Parcells had the same team last year. Yet, we barely managed to get into the playoffs and lost in the first round. This season, with 3 games left to play, we have already made it into playoffs and clinched NFC East.

    I would not to be too quick to judge Phillips, but wait and see how this season unfolds. Even if Parcells left behind a truly great team, I don’t think a bad or even average coach can help maintain and foster the status quo for one whole season or even 13 games.

    I also see your point about Pats being a better team, but they have also looked beatable in the last 2 games. If our defense can become more consistent and execute the plays better, we surely have a shot even if we get into SB. But those are just my thoughts.

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