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Cowboys Headlines and My Contrary Analysis

Cowboys Vs Giants, 3:30 PM CST

Did you guys know that Dallas actually intends to show up to their playoff game this weekend? It might come as a shock to journalists like Pat Kirwin, Vic Carucci, Pete Prisco, and Skip Bayless (does he really count though?). All three of these reporters plus many many more have been exceptionally critical of the Dallas Cowboys in December and even more critical of Tony Romo’s weekend excursion to Cabo San Lucas this past weekend.

Rest assure Cowboys fans, while the media seems to doubt whether or not the Cowboys will be able to walk out and handle business this weekend, there isn’t much doubt in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. The media also seems to be forgetting minor facts about the Giants so called hot streak. The Cowboys may have only won just 3 of their last five, but then again so have the Giants. Also, enough talk about how Corey Webster and the NY Giants were able to stop Joey Galloway. Galloway was hobbled in that game, Webster should have been able to keep up. The Bucs were 9-7, the Giants should have won that game, and they did. That doesn’t mean the Cowboys are lost facing them Sunday.

Media folks, Tony Romo was in Cabo, Mexico. Not Cancun. You don’t know what time the photo was taken so you don’t know if he was watching the games when they were on. Even if he were, televised games are nothing like the game tapes the teams actually study. How much is he going to see when the cameramen focus more on where the ball is than what is going on around the ball? It also wasn’t just Romo and Simpson, Witten was there as well. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about him? Anyone forget he’s also a team captain? Look, this isn’t exactly the first time Romo has taken a break from work during a bye week or an extended week. He went out of town during the bye week during the season as well and also had a late Thanksgiving dinner with the Simpson family right after the Packers game. He is 2-0 when going on a trip during the bye week.

All I can say is that there wasn’t a team conference discussing whether or not the Cowboys will show up this week, so expect the team to play. They have beaten the Giants before, in fact twice before. Since the AFL/NFL merger the sweeping team has won 11 of 17 of the third games played. So the Cowboys have more than a shot of becoming 13 of 18.

Jessica Simpson will be a No-Show Sunday

Why is this news? I don’t know. However, Jessica Simpson’s publicist did make the announcement this week that Jessica Simpson has to work on a new album and won’t be able to make the game. Tony Romo is currently 2-2 when Simpson shows up at a Dallas game. New reporters seem to want to overlook or not accept the fact that she was at the NY Jets and Green Bay Packers games, but several eye witnesses have confirmed that she was there, ugly pink jersey and all. What does this mean about Romo’s performance when a woman of interest is present? Absolutely nothing, as it did when the media thought Romo was 0-2 when a women of interest was at the game.

Media Questions Phillips Future

The media has been questioning Wade Phillips future with the Dallas Cowboys after this season. Despite the 13-3 record, many media members have their doubts as to whether he will still be with the Dallas Cowboys next season if he doesn’t win a playoff game. Jerry Jones, when asked this question quickly set the record straight. “There really should no question here,” Jones said of his first-year head coach. “It’s been just 10 months. It’s really been just 10 months since Wade Phillips took this job and look what has happened in 10 months.” Jones also said, “I don’t know how you could even have a question as to whether or not he’s coaching or not for the Cowboys in the future,” Jones said of Phillips.

This must be the dumbest question ever asked by a media member, but as soon as I say that I’ll probably hear an even dumber question. The media is already making it sound like the Dallas Cowboys have lost this Sunday in a game that haven’t even played yet. Someone, please tell them the Cowboys are 9 point favorites, or at least stop with the uninformed questions.

Terrell Owens Back at Practice

Terrell Owens was back at practice on Thursday. While he is still considered a game day decision, and was seen still limping, the practices seemed to have taken on a whole new life with him out there. This is a positive sign, and if anyone should know anything about T.O., it would be that this guy would never miss a big stage game. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, I will be more shocked if T.O. doesn’t play than I would be if he did. People can question his character all day, but questioning his heart should be out of the question.

Jerry Jones Urging Cowboys Fans to Wear White

If anyone plans on going to the game this weekend Jerry Jones is asking that everyone wears white to the game in show of support for the Boys. Why not? This is a tactic employed by a lot of colleges while it may not help a team win, it will definitely help motivate the crowd. So I’ll second Jerry Jones and ask everyone to wear white in support of the Cowboys at the Game. I’d also like to encourage a lot of standing on seats and yelling, hooting, and hollering for our defense. It’s time for the conservative Cowboys fans to give the Seattle Seahawks (12th Man) fans a run for their money. I bet the Cowboys fans can do it without sound box guys pumping in crowd noise.

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2 Responses to “Cowboys Headlines and My Contrary Analysis”

  1. firerobin says:

    Very informative post!

    I’ll be wearing my white Romo jersey from the couch on Sunday.

  2. gEErOj says:

    The media always has and always will have a slant towards New York City. It’s the largest television market in the country and so they feel the need to cater most strongly to that market.

    For example the Knicks, arguably the worst team in the NBA are constantly in the news. Or how about MLB were the Red Sox dominated all last year but were lucky to half as many stories in the media as the Yankees.

    Even are boy, Troy, when covering the Giants seems to have a slant towards them. The last time the Cowboys played the Giants, I noticed that everything Troy was saying was from the Giants perspective, i.e. “this is a really important 3rd down here for the Giants.” What’s wrong w/ saying, this is a really important 3rd down…

    For BOTH teams.

    I noticed that same trend from Troy this past weekend in the Giants game against the Bucs.

    In any other game he does that does not involve a New York team, Troy will usually have a much more balanced commentary. Trust me; this is not his choice to do it this way. The production staff at Fox is politely “suggesting” this sort of bias coverage of New York teams.

    It is my hope that the Cowboys absolutely beat the crap out the Giants this weekend so that the only thing the media can say from the Giants perspective is that they got their asses kicked. Of course this will be followed by a long week of reports about what the Giants need to do to get better for next year on ESPN.

    It won’t get any better though. If the Cowboys do get by the Giants this weekend I suspect they will most likely be playing the Packers. Which means another media favorite, Bret Farve will be coming to town and you should expect a Packers slant all week long.

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