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Should Wade Phillips be Fired?

It’s never a smart idea to come up with rash decisions so soon after a loss. The thought of the final disappointing moments of the season’s demise still lingering fresh in the mind has a tendency of overshadowing any good that has come from the season. There may be no other time better than the present to discuss some real possibilities.

I’ll grant, if you asked me a week ago if Wade Phillips should come back for a second season to the Dallas Cowboys and I would have said with out a doubt. After yesterday’s loss, I would still have been compelled to say the same. Now a day has passed, and my feelings are starting to sway. Not by the loss though, but because of the season ending press conference held at Valley Ranch today.

Wade Phillips has sounded like a broken record through out the playoffs, repeating over and over the Dallas Cowboys were 13-3. He had every right of course to point that out, the Cowboys had yet to lose a playoff game and it was unfair to assume that they wouldn’t be able to face off against the winner of the wild card game and win at Texas Stadium. Then today, he repeated the same sentiment again. The Cowboys were 13-3, and added that the better team didn’t win Sunday’s match up. So now it’s time, in my opinion to show the old coach the door.

If a game was won, by who had the most yards in a game, the Cowboys would have won the game easily. It’s not about the yards though, it was about the points, and the Cowboys failed to put them on the board. They had their opportunities, but the offensive line gave up, the receivers dropped the passes, the defense didn’t hold the Giants in critical moments, the special teams didn’t make the stops, and the QB made mistakes. This is an overall team collapse. The team simply wasn’t prepared. That falls on the coaching staff.

The broken record of the Cowboys being 13-3 doesn’t really matter in the post season. The regular season record is only good enough to get you in the final contest, it’s not your saving grace. It didn’t buy the Cowboys another game into the playoffs. The Cowboys lost, and to minimize that loss is a continuation of irresponsible coaching. The Cowboys failed in several facets of the game, on offense, defense, and special teams and that complete systems melt down can only fall on one person. When the team fails it’s the coach. When the team gives up a lot of penalties as the Cowboys did, and have done all year that again is the coach.

The media can place the playoff loss on anyone they choose, but I do believe it should come down the hardest on the Dallas Cowboys coach. Now maybe the time to consider a new head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. As I said earlier, it’s not usually wise to make a decision so soon after a loss. Sometimes, however, you don’t get a lot of time to make those decisions. So if the Cowboys should choose to go a different way in head coaching staff, now is the time to do so.

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14 Responses to “Should Wade Phillips be Fired?”

  1. gEErOj says:

    This may not to be a popular opinion w/ most of you but I put most of the blame for this loss on Wade Phillips. I was never a believer in this guy and now after seeing his pathetic post-season mark drop to 0-4 my belief that he is at best an average head coach has not changed.
    This team is loaded w/ so much talent that they were bound to have a big year this year as most of the players came into this season w/ a little more experience and ready to play on another level and thus any number of average coaches could have had a great REGULAR season w/ this team.
    One thing that hasn’t changed is the way this team plays in the months of December and January where over the past 3 seasons they have gone 4-11 in those months. CLEARLY this core group of players has some issue w/ focus and readiness towards the end of the season regardless of who the coach has been. Meanwhile Norv Turner has his team playing their best football at this time and playing in the AFC title game. Anyway, back to Wade…
    It is the head coach’s job to have his team ready to play, especially after a bye week and this team yesterday was not. This makes two years in a row that a number one seed has gone down in their 1st playoff game w/ Wade on the sidelines, (last year his defense in San Diego was not ready in their loss to the Pats). Do you think the Cowboys would have lost yesterday if Bill Belichick were on their sidelines instead of Wade? No way. Belichick would have had some type of wrinkle in the defensive game plan that the Giants would not be expecting. The only thing the Giants didn’t see coming yesterday was on offense w/ the use of Marion Barber, which was a wrinkle thrown in by Garrett, not Phillips.
    All year long Wade has had his secondary playing 10 to 12 yards off of the line of scrimmage giving the opponent’s receivers a clean release w/ PLENTY of room to work w/ on underneath routes. In fact opponents still got deep plays all season against Wade’s sloppy deep zone coverage schemes. This flawed scheme was the very reason the Giants where able to score a touchdown w/ just 48 seconds to go in the 1st half, (a drive that truly turned the game in their favor).
    I will give Philips credit for one thing, his use of DeMarcus Ware. He did a much better job of utilizing Ware but Jerry will still be making a big mistake if he lets Garrett go in favor of keeping of keeping Phillips who has proven he lacks ANY sort of innovation in game planning and that his teams are never ready to play when it really counts.

  2. I don’t believe Firing Coach Phillips is anyones right answer. Football is played as a Team, not one on one. All players All Pro or not need to be held Accountable and say ” Did I leave it all on the Field”? Dallas is definitley going in the right direction and needs to hold their heads up high not looking down. Thank God for your playing ability, praise him for the season you had,records broken or set and throw more Fire and desire into playing as a Cowboy into the New Season. Last thing, playing for a ” New Coach” does not justify the season but shows the Cowboys don’t have Resilence to overcome Adversity!! I know my Cowboys will be back ALL OF THEM INCLUDING WADE PHILLIPS!!!!

  3. MiRaNdA says:

    MY PERSONAL OPPENiON ON iF PHiLLiPS SHOULD BE FiRED WELL i DONT LiKE RUiNiNG PEOPLE BUT COME ON EVER SiNCE HE STARTED SLACKiN WHAT HAPEND TO US COWBOYS WE’VE BEEN GOiNG DOWN WE COULD HAVE BEAT THE GiANT i AGREE WiTH WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE SAY ABOUT Do you think the Cowboys would have lost yesterday if Bill Belichick were on their sidelines instead of Wade? No way. Belichick would have had some type of wrinkle in the defensive game plan that the Giants would not be expecting. The only thing the Giants didn’t see coming yesterday was on offense w/ the use of Marion Barber, which was a wrinkle thrown in by Garrett, not Phillips.

  4. FormerFan says:

    I don’t think it matters. Winning and losing don’t matter to Jerry – if it did he would have fired himself as GM 15 years ago. His only interest is in building his own wealth through souvenirs and the stadium – and he doesn’t care about what we , the fans, think. Constant failure doesn’t bother him. Prices will go up, Personal Seat Licenses will be exorbitant and he’ll continue to pretend to care. See for a good view on his “success” in coaching decisions.

  5. gEErOj says:

    In the 90’s the Cowboys had the chance to go on the type of run the likes of which the NFL has never seen. I’m talking about something like 5 to 6 Super Bowls, (at least 4). Then Jerry Jones decided that he needed to have a more direct contribution in the management of a team that had just won back to back Super Bowls and thus drove Jimmy Johnson, (the best thing that ever happened to this franchise) out of town.

    As a result the barley serviceable Barry Switzer came to town and the whole thing fell apart in just 3 quick seasons. Sure the boys managed to eke out one more super bowl w/ Switzer but of the 5 championships this franchise has won the ’95 campaign is by far the ugliest. That team had been blown out by the 49ers, and SWEPT by the Redskins that year and if Neal O’Donnell doesn’t throw a pair of ugly picks in the super bowl, well…

    Point is that it was clear that the team that Jimmy built was out of gas. The next several seasons were mediocre followed by worse. Tired of loosing Jones brings Parcels in who, like Jimmy builds a primarily young and talented team w/ a very promising future and just like before Jerry steps in to once again take a more active role, perhaps insuring that this next generation of talented cowboys never even see the Super Bowl. It’s too bad because this team has enough young talent to match the accomplishments of the ‘boys of the 90’s but it will never be realized w/ Wade Phillips on the side line. Never.

  6. Student of the Game says:

    “This is an overall team collapse. The team simply wasn’t prepared. That falls on the coaching staff.”
    I’ve personally been around the game since I can remember. When I was born my father was watching the Cowboys play in the waiting room. Ever since I could remember, I have studied the game. I played throughout highschool and college, going to the state semifinals in HS and winning the conference championship 4 years in a row in the NCAA. So I know what it means to win and lose.
    Now I am a Clinical Psychologist, spending a great deal of time doing behavior analysis. I have paired the two passions of my life and have been studying players behavior, overall attitude, and their field performance. As a diehard Cowboys fan, I rooted for my team sporting #94’s Jersey and a Bid D hat, but I knew that despite the overwhelming amount of team talent, the cowboys would be fighting a losing battle.
    Nate Acreman is absolutely correct in putting this poor performance on the coach. The players were simply not ready to play. Wade Philips had a philosophically incorrect approach to preparing a teams mind to win and it couldn’t have been more obvious as he repeatedly pointed to a 13-3 record. The Cowboys were not a disciplined team, they were emotionally driven, revolving around the performance of key players. If those key players performed well, the team followed. Those key players were not ready and played below average, and the team followed. It is the coaches job to recognize off field distractions, performance anxiety, behavior patterns that playes are facing, and know those players well enough to know how to address those issues individually and make them non-factors come game time. Phillips failed the Cowboys. The final two game performances in the regular season were disgusting, and the result of the bye week was a week off to “get their minds off football”. Phillips expected that to help them? If your team is playing wretched football and it has 12 Pro-Bowl players, their skills, and physical ability are obviously not the shortcomming to blame for those losses, it was what was between the ears. Taking a week off did not address those problems and resolve them, it put them away for another day – the playoff game day. It was obvious that these problems weren’t fixed by the players performances. They were not ready to play and that is the Coaches fault. Being a head coach is great, but one of the things you assume when you put those headphones on is ultimate responsibility for success or failure; it goes with the job.
    I personally have never seen anything in Phillip’s carrer that would lead me to believe that he will change his coaching style. Same style same problems. If Jerry Jones wants a coach that will fix these problems and not have to face them again next season, he needs to get another coach in there that has a different style or hire some personell that can address those player issues in Phillip’s place.

  7. Gleich says:

    I agree with you- earlier in the season I would have said keep Wade- I personally witnessed the beating in Washington and obviously everything went straight to the can. Now we know we have a squad of neanderthols, all we need is a neanderthol to lead them, not mr. nice guy

  8. Bull_Shirt says:

    Amen, Brother Ben, aka student of the game. Wade Phillips gives me the impression that he gives excuses, not answers, for things that happen. Vacations in the middle of playoffs? C’mon now. Jimmy Johnson and even Tom Landry wouldn’t have allowed that UNTIL after the season concluded. THEN and only then, go rest. Got business to take care of first. Giants took care of business, and Strahan didn’t go to Mexico did he? He’s closer to Canada, but you catch my drift.
    I agree that lack of discipline and lost focus was Wade’s fault. The Son of Bum is going to become like Parcells soon, if he don’t get with the program, because the game changes and if a coach cannot change, it’s going to pass him by, much as it did Parcells the past 4 years. Bill was smart enough to get out and find something else to do and let younger minds do the coaching. I think Wade should get one more try at it, and if he starts repeating himself with excuses and let the players do as they wish, “because they’re men”, then run him out, regardless of whether it’s in the middle of the season or not. Camp Cupcake , as it’s been called, is not what this team needs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  9. Ivy NIchael says:

    I agree it falls on the coaches. Obviously these two teams know each other very well. Phillips should have used the bye week to come up with a couple of wrinkles on offence and defence that he could use against the Giants if needed.The team won 13 games, but against the good teams they gave up too many points. Phillips is supposed to be a defensive guru and the Cowboys have the talent that they should have been in the top three in points allowed. Instead they were ninth. Despite winning thirteen games Phillips did not get the best out of his players.
    The thing that bothers me most is that during the game Phillips appears to be a nothing more than a spectator. He doesn’t appear to make any adjustments during the game. At the end of the second half the Giants got the ball with under a minute and two time-outs. They scored a touchdown and only had to use one of the time-outs. Phillips should have had a scheme that would have forced the Giants to go no more than five yards a play to the sidelines and ten to twelve in the middle forcing them to use times and run out of time.

    Phillips should take his laid-back, let me see what happens, we are good so we will automatically win in the play-offs, attitude into retirement. The coaches that are having success are engaged and active throughout the game. Especially when they are behind in close games.

  10. Ashley says:

    So, how do you feel now after Philadelphia just kicked the cowboys ass.

  11. William Turner of Philly says:

    It is not a smart idea to fire Wade Phillips, Wade will have complete control this season as he will have total of the circus in Dallas. Brian Stewart is out as D Coordinator and Jason Garret looks like the next St. Louis Rams HC. However there are many obstacles in Wade’s way including the final decision on what happens to T.O. The health of his three headed monster (Barber, Jones and Choice) and If T.O. is replaced what will happen to his supportors as T.O. never goes down w/o a fight. Here are some options for the Cowboys trade T.O. for a few drafts picks as some teams are desperate to improve there receiving core. Here are some options for a number 2 or 3 WR for the Cowboys this offseason. They can go after T.J. Housemanzadez (spell check tht) or they can revive the career of Terry Glenn. TJ is a number two in Cinncinatti and he would be a number one on most teams however with the aquistion of Roy Williams, he will be forced to stay a number two. The Former Oregon Duck has a great burst of speed soft hands and precise route running and every game this season when he faced off against an NFC East opponent he caused problems for the secondary. Well not so much for the Eagles as they tied 13 all, how pathetic. Cowboys fans dont worry about Tony Romo as he will bounce back and win those games that are meaningful. Remember it took Troy a minute to adjust from that Spread offense at UCLA. Romo will have many options at every position. Here are his weapons Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, Issaish Stanback and T.O. maybe. At RB he has Felix Jones, Marion Barber and Tashard Choice (Flash Misery and Terror)at FB he has Deion Anderson. ANd at TE he has three option Tony Curtis, the Bennet Kid and Pro Bowler Jason Witten. If Tony Romo fails this season maybe its time to take the keys away from the tot. Cowboys fans dont worry he will one day bash in victory as McNabb will not be back and Cambpell stinks and Eli has a target on his head for the Collapse.

    Email Me for more on our beloved Cowboys.

  12. Dan Carr says:

    Wade Phillips is a Fat Ass and needs to be put on an excercise program. He doesn’t represent what a coach should be. Also I think He’s too old and incompitent. Wade Philips can’t make the good decisions needed to win games. Come on Jerry Jones get us a real coach.

  13. I agree it falls on the coaches. Obviously these two teams know each other very well.

  14. AUSTIN SAVES says:

    The PLAIN and SIMPLE truth is this. PHILIPS is not a good fit for the COWBOYS only for JERRY JONES ( who cares about jones? ) If they want
    a team that will win they need to be well disciplined. They need to beg JIMMY JOHNSON to stop doing ( extends commercials ) And get their swagger back. While at the same time finding DISCIPLINE. Clearly WADE is providing neither! Nobody respects WADE and he has no fire at times I think he may be senile (:

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