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Top Ten Reasons Why Adam “Pacman” Jones Should Not Be A Cowboy

pacmand-jones.jpgOK, there’s new life being breathed into the Pacman Jones coming to Dallas saga.  So just so everyone’s clear on my position, I have devised a top ten list of why I feel the Cowboys should not sign Mr. Jones.  Here goes, oh and feel free to advise me of others I may have missed:

10.  He may convince Tank Johnson to start carrying guns again.

9.  Due to the “three-strikes” rule in criminal law, he might not last an entire season before being sentenced to life in prison.

8.  Only Marion Barber is allowed to have the long dreadlocks hairstyle on the team.

7.  May accidentally shoot either Tony Romo or Terrell Owens on the sidelines while cleaning his gun.

6. ” This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, seee” would be how T. O. might welcome him to Dallas.

5.  Not enough strip clubs in Big D.

4.  Pro Wrestling takes a back seat to football and NASCAR in Texas.

3.  You have to be eligible to play in the NFL, duh.

2.  Could cause some sort of distraction to the team that might make the Cowboys lose in the first round of the playoffs….wait, that’s already happened!

And the number one reason why Dallas shouldn’t sign Pacman Jones:

1.  It would be a waste of a seventh round draft pick.

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12 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why Adam “Pacman” Jones Should Not Be A Cowboy”

  1. Ken says:

    I agree that there’s a risk, but if he’d been on the field against the Giants, we wouldn’t have lost…

    Maybe you need a top ten reasons why Jerry Jones needs to hire a pacman baby sitter to keep him out of trouble…preferably someone with some morals, who doesn’t care if pacman thinks he’s cool.

  2. Bill says:

    You don’t need 10 reasons to sell me! I really hope this is all hype and no substance. The Cowboys can do much better!

  3. Benjamin Fan says:

    Oh come on. I thought I was expecting a reasonable and well-thought out post when I read the title of this thread. Then I came up with 10 lame suggestions that could only elicit a groan. You can do better than this.

  4. brian sparks says:

    any player can play for dallas it just mrjerry jones ios not happy with the way team was running doing the tune years because we not have enough to fix the wrong going on in dallas because they know they need to get younger players get going with out the older players let coaches take the lead jerry please just sit back ejoy other suber bowl if that what you brought in the new coah wade for this he will give you a superbowl like johnson did in the 90 thankyou

  5. dre says:

    your comments could be alittle better than that. If those are the reasons, than I think they should give him a chance. Because he can play the game. Every one said the same thing when T.O. came to the team.

  6. cowboycards says:

    I enjoyed reading your top 10.

    The biggest question is; is he worth the risk. If the risk is minimal then I say he is. There will be media and fan backlash but heck, this is the Cowboys, they are used to that!

  7. brian sparks says:

    we need to bring in players that dont get in trouble and will last awhile and will do job not will just get hurt and stay hurt all though out there playing year and when comes to go to other team we cant trade than we loose every thing that why we last lost the past 5 years yearsneed to build this like johnson has do it before

  8. brian sparks says:

    it not the risk dallas dont have the money to pay him he is better off going to another team that really needs a running back we should get one out of the draft next months daft and we need to build on this on this so that we can get the nm,ber one draft sooner because we will need some to back up to tony romo because he dont have much playing time in the past 2 year we made payoffs but no win so it time change hole in the team loosing to many good players in free angenttime and need to get young guns from the draft

  9. Bill Dad says:

    very clever I thought. Letterman would be proud.

  10. brian sparks says:

    no letterman would not be pround he want to see the cowboys win instead of loosing all the time

  11. antidote11 says:

    PacMan Jones is a POS. Hopefully, he will get his head split open in Dallas. I know of a few gang bangers that would love to toss this a’hole off the top of a tall building. It’s just a matter of time before they zip the bag over him.
    RIH PacMan.

  12. brian sparks says:

    we need some one that will play along time like emitty smith did the players should be able to retire from dallas like try aikmen did wont out crime thier record it not worth dime jerry to bring in some one who has crime record you know that i hope this teaches you a leason for this one

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