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Cowboys DB Draft Board Leaked

A few weeks ago Dallas CBS-11 News went on a tour of the Dallas Cowboys “War Room” and accidentally filmed a shot of the Cowboys’ DBs draft board. Someone watching screen captured the video and sent it out. Now it is across message boards and the rankings are being dispelled. The rankings, at the time, were as follows:

1. Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, Tennessee State
2. Leodis McKelvin, Troy
3. Kenny Phillips, Miami
4. Mike Jenkins, USF
5. Aqib Talib, Kansas
6. Tyrell Johnson, Arkansas State
7. Charles Godfrey, Iowa

Message boards have been seeing Cason and Porter, but the board gets
difficult to read after Talib. Besides the DB Rankings are the
makings of the names Brown and Dunn. Perhaps the Cowboys will be
thinking RB in draft as well, or is this a trick to sway teams the
other way?

Skeptics have assured themselves that the filming must be a hoax because the CBS camera crew is not allowed in the “War Room.” Also, the company that produces the show is owned by the Cowboys and the Cowboys couldn’t possibly be that careless, or could they? We’ll see who the Cowboys choose on Draft Day.

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12 Responses to “Cowboys DB Draft Board Leaked”

  1. samuel says:

    it is about time cowboys addressed there porous secondary position problem, for the past three season that secondary have been touch so many times like a christmas light

  2. Rudy&Tammy says:

    They need a QB. Romo is a fluke and will never win the big one,they should have stood with Bledsoe!

  3. Rudy&Tammy says:

    They should have kept Drew Bledsoe!

  4. Lupe Martinez says:

    I think Jerry is not as smart as he thinks! Tony Romo is not going to lead the cowboys to anythink execpt to broken dreams. Twice he’d had a chance to shine and both times he s—–d thing up!
    If I was Jerry, I would dich Romo in a second!!! Cowboy fans get used to getting you hopes high but they are going to be hurt again until someone wakes up and does something about Romo. like trade Tony Romo!!! Romo likes headlines and nothing else. Trade him to Miami so that Bill Parcells can have another loses like Drew Bledsoe!! When Parcells bought all his failures from New England and New York, that showed me the caliber of decision maker Bill was.
    If this turns out to be mistake on my part, I will ask forgiveness to whomever will listen!!

  5. Brandon Thompson says:

    r u kiddin me… romoss played 2years calm down… was peyton manning a fluke? ya i dont think so u dont jus go out and win a superbowl ur first year… u guysr haters and jerry jones is a genius he got aikman and emmit and irvng he built a dynasty fools

  6. Dave Wood says:

    This goes to show you what kind of IDIOTS you are!! Lupe MartineZZZ. WAKE UP and smell the freaking coffie!! TRADE ROMO!! You have GOT to be kidding me!! He ha not even played 2 full seasons yet and you say something as STUPID as that. I understand that he hasn’t won a playoff game yet, but he has put together probably put together the best statistics of ANY Cowboy QB in their HISTORY in the 28 games that he has started. Yeah Better than Aikman (He was GREAT) better than Staback (He was GREAT!) or anyone else!! It usually take some of these hard losses (That aren’t ALL his fault!) to creat a truely great QB. Mr Bret Farvre comes to mind, and he counldnt even win one lousy game in big “D” to save his life! Not a reagilar season gam or a playoff game. I guess the Packers should have traded his a$$ to huh? You need to learn a little bit about the game before you go spouting off idiotic stuff like that!! Nuff said!! HATER!!

  7. J-mic says:

    Possibly the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard…WOW trade Romo…and i guess the G-Men Shouldve traded Eli b4 last year huh? WAKE UP PEOPLE… 30 NFL TEAMS, only 1..get that…. 1 wins the Superbowl… Romo will have his day.. I bet my house on it!!!!


    Ya Baby!!!!!!!!

  9. luteragzfer says:

    Mike Mossberg, I know you reading this forum, please contact me, because I can’t find your contact details.

  10. Brirtuarrax says:

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  11. lopoccasupwaf says:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  12. dave says:

    Look The Dallas Cowboys SUCK. They have done nothing for years, Jerry Jones should have another drink. Who cares about there picks They Suck. Romo’s the problem the whole team is the problem, Face it your in a slump period.

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