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Report: Cowboys and QB Dak Prescott Not Close on a New Contract

Plans for the 2016 quarterback class’ extensions became clearer this week, with the Eagles extending Carson Wentz and the Rams appearing set to approach a Jared Goff re-up next year.

The Cowboys do not have as much time, as Dak Prescott is entering his first contract year.

The Cowboys and Prescott began negotiations weeks ago, and a report of progress emerged last month. The parties seem to have hit a standstill in talks, Sam Robinson of reports.

Prescott and the Cowboys are “really far apart” on terms at this point, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network notes — to the point where they will likely press pause on these discussions. This process looks set to drag into training camp, Garafolo adds.

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10 Responses to “Report: Cowboys and QB Dak Prescott Not Close on a New Contract”

  1. The cowboys have the right idea and I agree he isnt worth close to what he thi gs he is worth dont chase bad money. Hes basically ineffective at any regular basis. His receivers notable cooper saves his utter most of the time.zele saves his butt the rest of the time he is under contract thru 2020 I say he plays under that contract til he does anything on a regular basis

  2. John Martin says:

    I have been a cowboys fan for over 45 years and let me tell you. It is painful to watch when the cowboys have a bad quarterback. Remember the 80’s and the pre-Romo years? Prescott does not turn the ball over like the interception machine Romo was. It was so bad teams knew it was just a matter of time until he screwed up. Tony OHNo. Prescott does not cost his team games with picks thrown at the worst times. Prescott does not go on vacation before a playoff game. Aikman never threw for more than 23 touchdowns in his entire career. Prescott has a 66% winning percentage and even the losses were not his doing. Prescott throws three times as many touchdowns as he does picks and remember most of those picks came off deflected passes. Compare Prescott to Matt Stafford, Jimmy Garoppolo, Carson Wentz, or any other first round quarterback for the last 5 years and no quarterback has better stats in a three year period. I really hope Dallas screws this up and Prescott goes somewhere else and wins a few championships. Maybe then, all the stupid people will appreciate him and it will be too late. Still a fan of the Boys but I simply cannot stand dumb=ass people. Pay the man.

  3. Tommy Davis says:

    Mr. Edgmand,

    You could not be more wrong, you have no clue about football based on your comments. Every QB needs good receivers and it helps to have a good running back. Prescott’s statistics is among the best ever for QB’s after 3 years in the NFL. Stop with the idiotic comments and give this man credit for being a terrific QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

  4. RMS says:

    Give me a break, calling Romo a turnover machine is absurd. Romo was, ready for this, better not only than Prescott but than Aikman and Staubach. He just had a shitty team that he put on his oft broken back and ribs and still played and still won.

    I do not think they should pay Prescott. What kind of bidding war will this guy garner, none.

  5. RMS says:

    Let me tell you who Romo did not have on his team… Charles Haley, Darren Woodson, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Ken Norton, Mark Tuinei, Nate Newton Mark Stepnoski, Eric Williams, This is a joke. Romo is the greatest quarterback Dallas has ever had, and it isn’t particularly close.

  6. RMS says:

    Seriously think about this, Dak, he is okay, but who is going to give him a huge contract in free agency…

    AFC East:
    New England – No way unless it is a 2 year 10 million dollar deal
    Jets – Nope they have their own young problem at QB
    Miami – Not after the trade for Rosen
    Buffalo – See the Jets

    AFC North
    Baltimore – Nope they have the guy they will roll with
    Cleveland – Hahahaha
    Cincinnati – possibly
    Pittsburgh – a Dark horse but will not break the bank

    AFC South
    Jacksonville – Not after the trade
    Tennessee – Maybe
    Colts – No such Luck
    Houston – Absolutely not

    AFC West
    KC – I think they like Mahomes
    SD – Rivers
    Denver – Maybe, Elway has proven that while he could play the position, he cannot identify talent at it.
    Oakland – That would be hilarious.

    NFC East
    NY – Maybe and I would love it, make them worse and us better at the same time
    Philly – Wentz
    Washington – Haskins
    Dallas – Hopefully not

    NFC West
    Rams – No
    Seattle – No
    San Francisco – No
    Arizona – No

    NFC South

    Tampa Bay – Maybe
    New Orleans – bizarrely maybe
    Atlanta – No
    Carolina – Double No

    NFC North
    Green Bay – No, Rodgers
    Minnesota – Hell no
    Chicago – Hell no
    Detroit – Hell no.

    Thus, paying Prescott is like bidding against yourself. Only stupid people would do it.

  7. RMS says:

    Prescott is fine. He is average. He is not terrific. He cannot throw a WR open, he holds onto the ball way too long. Never let hyperbole convince you that average is terrific. Terrific he is not, average he has down stone cold.

  8. RMS says:

    If this guy gets anything over 20 million a year from Dallas then that will be the contract the team rues. He is not accurate which is the one thing you need. In his defense, he has had perhaps the worst OC ever as a coach. Perhaps he could improve, learn anticipation, timing and accuracy. I am just not betting 30 million a year on it.

  9. Joe says:

    Possibly the dumbest pist I’ve ever read.

  10. Rob cerpi says:

    Rob, you are looking at him with cowboys beer goggles on. You said he does not committed turnovers? Obviously you see just interceptions. He has led the league in fumbles and fumbles lost. In the last 2 years he has thrown more interceptions that have been returned for touchdowns than any other qb. His completion percentage is high cause they are dump off passes . Here is the real stat that counts when throwing balls over 20 yards in the air ( not dump offs for 50 yards) his completion percentage was 38.6. and it went up when Cooper hot here. Believe it or not 1 qb had a worse presrntage and he isn’t playing this year. He can not throw the fade and as far as interceptions, the would throw more if he was accurate but half his balls are uncatchable. Should he get a raise this year yes but make it in incentives.let him play with easy incentives for him to mske Do not give him a 5 year deal at at 30 million plus. They will rue that day. He is under contract this year.make him play for an elite contract.this will be the year that makes or breaks him

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