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Videos: ESPN’s “First Take” Lets Loose on the Cowboys Latest Loss in Chicago

The Cowboys are now 6-7, and Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s “First Take” talked about Jerry Jones regretting sticking with Jason Garrett as he has through the tough stretch the team is in.

Cowboys Fall to 6-7, Can’t Stop Trubisky and the Bears in 31-24 TNF Setback

The slumping Cowboys have now lost seven of their last 10 games after their 3-0 start, and Thursday night was no different in the Windy City of Chicago, as Bears QB Mitch Trubisky threw for three score and ran in another, and the Cowboys allowed 24 points after taking a 7-0 lead in a 31-24 setback.

Here’s the lowlights of the loss:

Video: 6-6 Cowboys Travel to Chicago to Play the 6-6 in Thursday Night Action

A pair of 6-6 teams do battle to start week 14 in the NFL, as the Bears and Cowboys go to war in Thursday’s NFL lid lifter.

Here’s a preview:

Jerry Jones Believes Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Can Still Lead a Team

The questions aren’t going away any time soon about Jason Garrett’s job status with the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones believes the coach is qualified to lead a team, Nick Shook of reports.

It just might not be the team he’s currently leading.

Jones was asked during his Tuesday morning appearance on 105.3 The Fan about Garrett and why, with the Cowboys sitting at 6-6 and not looking too hot, the owner doesn’t want to make an in-season coaching change. He first referred to Garrett’s work ethic and knowledge of his team before shifting to his opinion on selecting a Super Bowl-caliber coach and how it’s admittedly an inexact science.

“Nobody has the exclusive skills to get the job done so that collectively you can win a Super Bowl,” Jones said, per The Athletic. “But there are qualified people. Jason Garrett is one of them. In my opinion, Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL next year.”

Those in support of Garrett can find comfort in Jones’ statement that Garrett “is the guy for the job.” But as we all know, this league is all about wins and losses. The Cowboys might make the playoffs by way of a division filled with dreadful adversaries, but limping to the postseason likely won’t be enough. Garrett’s guys will have to do so with emphasis, force and maybe even a little bit of flair.

“Listen, I’m worried about winning ball games for our fan base,” Jones said. … “There’s nobody that shoves any more out there than I do, than the Cowboys do. We put the show on, and we spend the money. And we want wins.”

Jerry Jones Says the Fallout from the Cowboys Season Falls on Him

There is still plenty of fall out from the Cowboys loss in New England on Sunday to the Patriots, to the point where Jerry Jones is again coming out and talking about the tough to swallow loss.

Jones was not happy with the team after the game Sunday, and again on Tuesday stated how unhappy he is that after 11 games the team is just 6-5, one game ahead of the Eagles in the NFC East.

“When you’re general manager, which I am, those coaches are out there at my ultimate decision,” Jones said during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan.

“It’s very much within my realm of purview, if you will, to not only be standing there as an owner but be standing there as the general manager who put the staff there to begin with. People seem to think it’s particularly harsh to have criticism and they think when you look at the other side of the field and call a job well done, that might mean that’s extraordinary criticism of the job you’ve done on the other side of the field.

“At the end of the day, the buck stops with me.”

The Cowboys were 3-0 to start the season, but since have dropped five of seven games, and they are struggling to find consistency on both sides of the ball.

Many people are thinking that the final axe to this season is going to drop on current coach Jason Garrett, through Jones has been careful not to be overly critical of his head coach.

Video: Cowboys Can’t Close Out the Patriots, Fall in New England 13-9

The Cowboys had a chance late on the road in the rain in New England, but couldn’t do enough to get a key win over the Pats, losing 13-9 to drop to 6-5.

Here’s the highlights:

A Number of Cowboys are Sick Just Ahead of Sunday’s Game Against New England

The Cowboys already have a tall enough task Sunday as they take on the New England Patriots, but the outlook isn’t very good considering a number of players on the team are dealing with a respiratory infection.

Calvin Watkins reports that a number of players and even coaches on the team have it.

Here’s a tweet talking about the situation with the team less than 24 hours away from taking on Tom Brady and company.

It remains to be seen if the team is going to be forced to sit any of their sick players due to the infection hitting the team.

An Inside Look At The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams with a short, but highly impactful history. The franchise was established in 1960 and since then, they became one of the best and most decorated teams in the league. They have reached the Super Bowl 8 times, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos, and only behind the New England Patriots. They are also the wealthiest franchises in the world with a net worth of over $5 billion.

These stats are exactly why many people consider them the best team in the NFL. Numerous fans are even placing bets on them winning the Super Bowl this year. The team’s odds are great and the rewards are tremendous. If you think that the Dallas Cowboys have a chance of winning, visit this link to signup and wager your opinion.

The Cowboys have achieved many milestones in their 59-year-old history. They are the only team in the NFL to record 29 straight winning seasons and have a streak of 190 consecutive sold-out regular and post-regular games, home and away. In 2014, they generated over $600 million in revenue which was a record for a US team. What are some of the rest interesting facts about the franchise?

Number of Trophies

Let’s start off with the most popular trophy. The Cowboys have won the Super Bowl 5 times in their history, in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993, and 1995. The number of trophies is second only to the New England Patriots. They’ve also won 10 Conference Championships – two of them in the NFL Eastern, and eight in the NFC.

Their vault also has 24 Division championships. They won the NFL Eastern in 1966, the NFL Capitol in 1967, 1968, and 1969, and have been champions of the NFC East 20 times. The team is also among the ones with the highest number of playoff appearances – 31.

Home Fields

Their current home field is the AT&T Stadium. They played their first game in 2009. During their history, they had 2 other home fields. During the period from 1960-1971, the Dallas Cowboys played at Cotton Bowl. Their second home stadium was the Texas Stadium, where they played from 1971-2008. One interesting fact though, even though the team is from Dallas, the AT&T Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas and that is where they play their home games.

Like we mentioned earlier, the team is selling out every game since 2002. The tickets were a major contribution into making them the world’s most valuable team.


The franchise has 6 major rivalries. Their first rivalry is with the Green Bay Packers, which is one of the best-known intra-conference rivalries. Apart from the Packers, Dallas Cowboys also have a rival relationship with the 49ers, the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins.

The Ring of Honor

Instead of retiring jersey numbers, the Cowboys have the so-called Ring of Honor around their home field. It honors numerous former players, coaches and other staff members which had major contributions to the franchise. In total, the Ring has 19 players, 2 executives, and 1 head coach as of November 2019.