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What’s being said about Tony Romo?

1. Former Cowboys star cornerback/return man Deion Sanders: On Tony Romo’s performance this season: I don’t understand this guy. Just when you want to believe in him, heroic effort, came back against San Francisco, they said punctured lung and everything. And we praised him, we said, “Yeah, he’s that leader, he’s their guy.” And then […]

Cowboys legend WR Drew Pearson: “Quit anointing Dez Bryant”

Not only is Dez Bryant being taken away his punt return duties by the owner, but he’s being blasted by a former player for possessing the potential to become the next Michael Irvin. #88 causing more chaos; and it’s not even his fault.  Well, it’s Drew Pearson, a Cowboy hero, so let him rant. “I […]