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Cowboys Biten By Bears 27-20

The downward spiral has continued for the Cowboys. On a day that is eerily similar to last week’s game in Washington, it was the Cowboys who were once again their own worst enemies. While the game was not as dramatic as it was last week, the trend continues for the Cowboys making untimely miscues and […]

Cowboys vs. Bears Preview

All eyes will be on Cowboys Stadium Sunday at 1 pm EST when the Dallas Cowboys host the Chicago Bears. Both teams are coming off really interesting starts to the season last week and the Cowboys will look to redeem themselves and the Bears will look to make sure there is no controversy at the […]

Cowboys Beat Up O-Line Ready for Chargers Blitzes

The Cowboys have a beat up O-line, but that won’t allow them to make excuses for themselves when they take the field against the Chargers. The Cowboys are about to face a San Diego Chargers defense that just blitzed so often and so well that the Chicago Bears pulled starter Jay Cutler earlier than they’d […]

Cutler Trade to Affect the Cowboys?

While there is no chance that the Cowboys will be trading to acquire the services of Jay Cutler, there is a chance that the trade could directly affect the Cowboys. While there have been dozens of rumored possibilities surrounding a possible trade, one that seems somewhat likely is to the Redskins. A trade to the […]