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Bryant And Gurode Injured

Well just when you thought things could not get worse for the struggling Cowboys, they did. Wade Phillips talked about injuries during his press conference today and noted two very important players. WR Dez Bryant, who is struggling with a high-ankle sprain, and G Andre Gurode. Bryant hurt his ankle in the preseason and returned […]

Offence Stalls As Boys Fall To Raiders 17-9

Another game down, same story for the Cowboys offence. Just like on Sunday, the Cowboys first team offence looked impressive driving the ball down the field on their opening possession, only to stall in the red zone. The Cowboys had troubles all last year in the red zone, and it looks like they are yet […]

Poll: Who will emerge as the Cowboys “star” receiver this season?

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WR Position Not as Stocked as Advertised

The depth of the Cowboys roster at WR was certainly put to the test this week with the absence of Roy Williams and Sam Hurd from Saturday nights game against the 49ers, and lets just say they didn’t pass. The position as a whole looked absolutely dreadful. However, individually there was one bright spot at […]