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Where Big Name Coaches May Look to Land in 2011

From Guest Columnist Chris Bach I’m predicting Gary Kubiak, Lovie Smith, Marvin Lewis and John Fox get fired while Jeff Fisher gets one more chance (perhaps because the best candidates get signed before Bud Adams acts). Where would the most attractive spot be? I must say that while I think the top 3 spots are […]

Week 10: Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things

Making rules about concussions doesn’t change the game of football. Does anyone actually think that Hines Ward had a neck injury on Sunday night?  Of course not, he suffered a concussion of some sort.  He got knocked out.  However, throughout the game he was listed as questionable with a neck injury because if it had […]

Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things for Week Six

By Columnist Jean-Paul Bergeaux Things I know. The Pittsburgh Steelers continue to be a top notch organization. Say what you will, and we don’t know how this season will finish, but the Steelers prove once again that they know how to build quality teams and pick quality coaches.  Ben Roethlisberger sounded really contrite (we’ll see) […]

Week Two: Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things

Things I know. The pundits are proving they don’t know anything… again. Vikings, Cowboys, Steelers, Bucs and Chiefs. Yes it’s just the first two weeks, but the Vikes and Boys look bad. The Bucs and Chiefs weren’t supposed to win more than 4 games. The Steelers were supposed to be lucky to come out of […]

CB Jones Could be Done for the Year w/ Neck Injury

It’s already been a long and tough season for Adam Jones, but it appears now that the trouble-making Cowboys CB is done for the season after being injured in the 20-13 loss Sunday to the Steelers.  The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Jones will for sure miss Sunday’s game with the Giants, and that […]