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Jerry Jones Talks About the Release of T.O.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke out on Tuesday about the release of Terrell Owens, and how it shapes up the future of the Cowboys. Jones spoke out on 105.3 the Fan about the release. “What it did boil down to was many things,” Jones said, “I had to look at Roy Williams and the future […]

Ownes Releases Statement on His Release

Terrell Owens, now a free agent, has broken his silence and is speaking out on his release from the Cowboys late on Wednesday. The following was posted on Owens’ web site in regards to his release from Dallas: “I want to thank Jerry Jones, Coach Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys for the opportunity to be […]

Jones Hints that Owens Will be Back in 2009

There has been a lot of talk about what the Cowboys are going to do with troubled wide out Terrell Owens. Jerry Jones has reportedly been talking to some of the players about Owens, and in the Dallas Morning News, he did drop a hint that T.O. will be a part of the Cowboys in […]

Rosenhaus Says He’s Not Been Told About Cowboys Wanting to Move or Release Owens

It was an interesting week as agent Drew Rosenhaus threw out there that three of his clients, all WR’s want to be traded – Anquan Boldin of the NFC champion Arizona Cardinals, Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants and Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. With that though, there has been nothing said about […]

T.O. Talks to Lewis About Being a Cowboy?

While it looks like the Ravens have made up their minds on keeping Ray Lewis in Baltimore for the rest of his career, one current Cowboy would love to get Lewis to come to Dallas. That Cowboy – Terrell Owens. Today’s Dallas Morning News says that Owens recently spoke to Lewis about the possibility of […]

Jones Trying to Come Up with a Decision About Owens?

It’s been pretty quiet as of late around the Cowboys camp, that is if you don’t include the mishap this past week with the team not being able to seal the deal to get Dan Reeves to come about to be a consultant. Nevertheless, Jason Cole at Yahoo had an interesting piece on Thursday about […]

Reeves Gives the Lowdown on Owens

Owens’ Agent Says He’s Not Going Anywhere

The Dallas Morning News reports that Terrell Owens’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, says his client will remain with the Cowboys. “Terrell’s never had off-the-field problems, and he’s been one of the greatest players ever,” Rosenhaus claimed. “And they just gave him a monster contract. I mean, they just gave him a huge extension before the season. […]