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Cowboys to Not be a Major Player in Free Agency?

Today’s Dallas Morning News talks about the Cowboys and free agency, and surprise – surprise, that the team won’t be a big player in the free agent market. Here’s the report from today’s paper: Owner Jerry Jones has stated the Dallas Cowboys won’t be majorplayers in the free agent market. But is it true? The […]

Tank Johnson, Zach Thomas Unlikely to Be Back in 2009

From: Fort Worth Star-Telegram Unless owner Jerry Jones changes his mind, which should never be ruled out, dramatic and sweeping changes can’t be expected at Valley Ranch this off-season. … With so many players locked into long-term contracts, and unless Jones contradicts himself and fires coaches and cuts players, improvements will have to be made […]

Cowboys vs. Chargers: What to Watch For

We’re one day away from the Dallas Cowboys preseason opener, but some people may feel like they do not know what to expect when the Boys face the San Diego Chargers. Worry no more, for I’ll give you a few things that deserve your attention. 1. As reported earlier, Adam “Don’t Call Him Pacman” Jones […]

You Can Take it to the Bank: The Only Thing Keeping the Boys from a Ring This Season

As a former TV sportscaster in North Carolina turned banker now, I will from time to time,offer up my “Take it to the Bank” opinions. Rumbling and thoughts that I feel like you can, well, take to the bank! The Cowboys are loaded this year, we all know this. All-Pros, Pro-Bowlers, Superstars, you name it! […]

NFL Smartest Player: Zach Thomas

Former Fin Thomas to Visit the Cowboys

Recently released linebacker Zach Thomas is about to go on tour. Visiting teams that is. Thomas was let go by the Dolphins last week, and despite only playing in a handful of games last season due to concussions, Thomas is being courted by a few teams around the league. Already set up to talk to […]