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Tashard, The Clear Choice

Other than DE Igor Olshansky, no Cowboy has been more of a lightning rod for trade discussions or calls for him to be cut than Tashard Choice. Now that Marion Barber has moved to Chicago, the Cowboys have had quite the competition in camp at the running back position with 5 backs all vying for […]

Grading The Cowboys (Pt. 1 of 4)

As the NFL season has come and gone and the Cowboys season being gone even longer, we here at are going to dish out our final grades on the Cowboys season and on the players themselves. Season Grade: F For a season that was hyped with such promise the Dallas Cowboys failed to deliver […]

Herring Leaving

While the Cowboys are in the middle of filling out their coaching staff, it looks like they are losing coaches at the same time. Reports out of Houston have Cowboys linebackers coach Reggie Herring heading to the Texans to fulfill the same position. Herring will unite with former Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips who is […]

Former Coaches Update

Two former Cowboy coaches have been in the news a lot lately. In Miami, Tony Sparano has been the subject of a lot of rumours as to his future with the Dolphins. Sparano and the Dolphins are coming off a disappointing season where expectations were high and the performance of Sparano’s squad was low, finishing […]

Defense Embraces Garrett Too

One of the questions we were having about Jason Garrett’s rise to head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was how would the defensive players respond to him. When Wade Phillips was the coach Garrett had little to no influence on the defensive players and what they did week in and week out. Some of the […]

Wade’s son says his dad isn’t dealing well with being fired

ESPN Dallas has an interesting piece today on how Wade Phillips is feeling today, as his son Wes Phillips says his dad was somewhat hit hard by the firing by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Wes Phillips said his father didn’t prepare him for what was about to happen, but with the team struggling with […]

Garrett Bringing New Message

When I heard the news on Monday, I admit, I wasn’t at all surprised. The Cowboys have been woeful this season. On Sunday, as the world watched, it got worse. We all knew that this was coming. Jerry Jones tried his best to be civil after the game but his comments about “sacrifice”, “changes”, and […]

Week 9: Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things

Things I know. I’m going to miss “The good-ship lollipop”. It would have been more fun if Wade Phillips had finished out the year in Dallas.  I had given the Cowboys that nickname for the fantasy land that Phillips seemed to live in.  Who knows, maybe Jason Garrett will provide enough material to continue the […]